Dec 2010 09

We are headed back to the San Jose Silver Creek Sportsplex in Northern California.  With three quality rinks, an excellent restaurant, plenty of space for all the sponsor booths and a bar for the adults we understand why Narch keeps heading back to this facility. 

This year we will be debuting our new Revision Hockey Inline Pants for the first time to the public.  We are very excited to show everyone what our designers have been cooking up at RV Headquarters and we know our new armour will be a huge hit with Narch athletes.

Narch has stepped up it’s game over the past few years when it comes to videos and blogs and player recognition.  Here is the new video they just posted for the 2011 WinterNationals

We look forward to seeing all of you there!  Come by our booth and sign up for Revision Nation… Receive a free RV Nation silicone bracelet when you join! 2 fingers RVN!

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