Dec 2010 15

For the holiday season our online retailers and are running a sale on our 2010 Model Vanquish Skates.

Right now Inlinewarehouse is selling our adult size Vanquish Skates for 249.99.  Not only do you save $50 when purchasing our skates, but Inlinewarehouse is throwing in a free set of our top of the line Variant Wheels as well!  Being one of the best online retailers in the industry IW is taking it one step further by shipping the entire purchase to you free of charge.

Our friends over at are also running a similar special.  Vanquish Jets for only $249.99 and they are throwing in a free C-Note Equipment Backpack with every purchase.

It’s always nice to have options and whichever site’s special you decide to go with you are getting a great deal.

Just in case you have been living under a rock or in outer Mongolia for the last two years here is a little video we made explaining how our Vanquish Skates and C-Note Technology work.  Enjoy, Deuces.

YouTube Preview Image

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