Feb 2011 07

The success of our Wheels has allowed us to expand our product line over the past few years, but we want to remind everyone that we still make the best Wheels in the game.  With the addition of Vanquish Skates, Viceroy Sticks, RV Bearings and DFS Pants we found ourselves joking in the office about whether or not we still make wheels.  Well we do!  With the best chemist in the industry cooking up new formulas and improving our old ones on a daily basis, we are still the leader in hockey wheel performance.

Our top of the line Variant Wheels allow tournament level players to push themselves and their opponents beyond what was believed to be possible just a few short years ago.  The Variant’s Torus Technology also gives the “Beer League” or “Rec” level players the ability to step their game up to new heights.  The Variant comes in four different hardness’: Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Steel.  Check out our Wheel Matrix to see what setup best suits your size and skating style.

Our Axis Wheels come with a very high end urethane at a great price.  Perfect for players looking for performance without having to break open the piggy bank.  Our Axis Outdoor formula is legendary on smooth concrete and asphalt surfaces.

All of our Wheels are made in Huntington Beach CA. ensuring our customers with the highest quality product possible.

So in case you were wondering… REVISION STILL MAKES GREAT WHEELS!

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