Tyler Walser


Player Info

Place of birthWilliamsville, NY

My Teams

  • Vanquish Pro
  • 2009-10 Revision Buffalo Wings NARCh PRO / D1/ Junior Platinum

What I use on the rink

Vanquish SkatesViceroy BoomskiVariant BronzeAxis OutdoorRV ABEC7 Bearings

About Tyler Walser

Tyler Walser is on the fast track to becoming one of the best snipers in roller hockey! Leading the Revision Buffalo Wings to the semi-finals in NARCh Pro, D1, and Junior Platinum in 2009. His size and skill makes him perhaps the best young power forward in the game. Watch out for his wicked shot on the power play with the  Viceroy “Boomski” curve!

With the Wings deciding to take this year off as a team we have brought Tyler and few of the other talented players from Buffalo over to our factory team.  Look for Walser in his new Revision Vanquish sweater lighting up goalies at tournaments all over the country this summer.

Tyler also just made the FIRS/USARS Team USA!

Here is a little clip of Tyler showing off his skills…

YouTube Preview Image