The Axis Series Wheels

Axis Indoor

While other wheels on the market today claim to feel or provide the same performance as a 74a, the Axis Indoor wheel is exactly that. Revision’s technicians use the patented outer urethane technology to produce a wheel that actually looks like, feels like, oh yeah and actually is a 74a. With all the grip you need to lose the defender in the corner without giving up speed or your whole paycheck. When work is done and its time to play hockey the Axis Indoor wheel by Revision is the choice for you.

Axis Multi-Surface

Hard on wheels, skating on smooth concrete or a wood floor and tearing up the standard recommended 74a performance wheels? If so we have the answer! The Revision Axis Multi-Surface 78a Wheel is designed to provide extra durability without sacrificing all the grip you get with a softer urethane. Using the same platform core technology and the advanced wheel profile that come on our Variant series wheel, the Axis Multi-Surface wheel maintains the grip you need to stop, start, cut, and turn but the tougher 78a urethane wears at a slower rate then those 74 or 76a wheels you’ve been buying once a month!

Axis Outdoor

The Axis Outdoor 84a wheel by Revision is the perfect wheel for asphalt and concrete surfaces. The combination of durability and performance in unmatched by any other outdoor wheel on the market today. Neal Piper, the father and inventor of the “Hyper 250″, has developed a new and improved 84a performance formula for Revision Hockey.

Axis Goalie

Designed to withstand the rigors of the constant battle in the crease! The Axis Goalie 76a wheel by Revision uses the same patented urethane chemistries to provide the grip needed to push from side to side, combined with the patented SS Core to allow smaller wheels to last longer and maintain grip. Available currently in 59mm only, the Axis Goalie wheel is a trifecta – dynamic, durable, and affordable.


  • Features Revision’s patented platform core technology for maximum durability while minimizing weight
  • Axis dual urethane bond to prevent delamination on core surface
  • Patented Revision outer urethane technology to provide the maximum grip for indoor surfaces without sacrificing durability
  • Same enhanced wheel profile found on Revision Variant Series for optimal performance
  • Available in 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm (Goalie in 59mm only)