The Viceroy Stick


Curves & Flex

Senior models are currently available in three curves; the Sauce (105, 95 and 80 flex), Cheese (105, 95 and 80 flex) and Boomski (95 and 80 flex). Intermediate (65 flex) model is available in Sauce, Cheese and Boomski curve. The Junior (50 flex) model is available in Cheese and Sauce curve.

Sauce curve

Mid-heel 3/8, Straight face, 5 Lie, Round toe

Boomski curve

Heel 1/2, Open face, 5.5 Lie, Square toe

Cheese curve

Mid 1/2, Slightly open face, 5.5 Lie, Round toe


  • 100% Carbon composite construction
  • Dual concave walls on shaft for increased strength to weight ratio
  • Dual flex zone for faster shot reaction & release
  • Thin foam core blade for consistent feel
  • 30 day manufacturer warranty