Chris Kendall

Chris has been a part of our core group since 2011.  There are so many guys out there playing that are underrated and he is no different.  Chris does so many things that make his teammates better that go unnoticed by the casual hockey fan its laughable.  Chris has flashes of skill that create that loud “ooooooh” in the crowd every few games.  Chris could do something to make that reaction happen every game, but he is often busy doing those things to make the team better.  No ego.  Willing to drive to the net instead of coasting back door and hoping for a pass… Chris is the best player you may never hear about.  I know how lucky we are to have a guy like Chris, the team does as well. 

We asked our Pro’s to answer a few questions so you could get to know them a little better.  Enjoy…

6’2″ 230 pounds


Shoots Right

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
A dog because I’ve seen how easy of a life Svoboda’s dog has it.

What setup do you use for the flex wheels?
I set my Flex wheels to grip on the top and speed on the back three positions.

The one teammate you know not to f*ck with…
I’d say Durinka because of how big he is, but he’s softer than a roll of
Charmin paper towels so I’d probably say Tommy because he’s the only other
guy bigger than me and not to mention he’s a goalie and they are just

Number and why you chose it…
10 because I’ve worn it my whole life

Favorite song?
Jason Aldean- Amarillo Sky

Best inline hockey memory?
Winning Narch Pro with Revision!!!

Who is the most underrated player in the game?
Derrick Burnette

Guilty pleasure tv show…

I live for The Walking Dead

High glove or low blocker?
Low blocker all day

Celebrity crush?
Carrie Underwood

What has been your experience playing for RV?
Playing for RV has been amazing! They always take care of us and we are
always a top 4 team in every tournament we play in! We always have an
awesome time at every tournament and all the guys are a blast to be around,
except maybe Cripps and Koz, that is a super weird and unhappy duo. I look
forward to the next tournament with the boys and to being on top of the
roller world again! #RVnation #buttcheeks