Josh Foote

The last time we created a new website Josh had just joined our Pro Team.  When writing his bio I had to explain how I saw a kid with a died mullet win NCRHA Finals and it was hard to take him seriously.  Then a few months later there he was again in Germany playing for Team Canada, but he was clean shaven with an adult haircut.  I relearned the age old saying, never judge a book by its cover.  Josh was in the middle of everything for Team Canada and they went on to win the IIHF Gold Medal.  In the locker room after the game I made my move and asked him to play for Revision Pro.  I had no idea how lucky I was to get to him first.  Josh is now a well known inline hockey player that any team would take in a heartbeat.  He lives to kill penalties, but will go out and get a timely goal whenever it appears we have no hope.  Josh leads through example.  No one has more heart than Footer, and that is why he is our Captain.
We asked our Pro’s to answer a few questions so you could get to know them a little better.  Enjoy…
5’8 on a good day, 180lbs
Right handed

What setup do you use for the flex wheels?

Toe and heel are soft for the grip, while the two inner wheels are firm for the speed combo.

The one teammate you know not to f*ck with…

Is that a serious question? Cripps all the way, I hear the insane asylum he escaped from is still looking for him.

What inline hockey player did you look up to growing up?

Kirk French, the guy is a legend and is the perfect definition of passion and heart

Number and why you chose it…

11, I’ve been number 11 my entire life. My idol growing up was Mark Messier, guy’s a work horse and I love his game style of just putting on the work boots every single game, real blue collar work ethic.
Favorite song?

Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, gets me fired up

Best inline hockey memory:

My best inline hockey memory would have to be 3 all combined in one. The year 2012 when I managed to be a Triple Crown winner with Bethel University, Team Canada, and Revision Vanquish.

Who is the most underrated player in the game?

That’s a tough one, tons of young kids come up every year hungry and ready to prove something, I believe everyone is underrated at one point or another.

Best hockey advice you have ever received…

The best advice I have ever received seems so simple, but it has allowed me to go places I’ve never even dreamed of,  “You may not be the most skilled but be the hardest worker, effort will get you somewhere.”

High glove or low blocker?

Low blocker all day, I’m not sure I can raise the puck high enough for glove.

Celebrity crush?

Katy Perry, I’d give anything to be her teenage dream.

What has been your experience playing for Revision?
Well my time with Revision started in 2012 all the way over in Germany, being approached by a stranger asking me if I wanted to come play at NARCH pro finals. Fast forward to now and I’ve made life long friends who I’d even call my brothers. Representing the greatest brand in roller hockey which also happens to make the best wheels on the market. Not only has Revision treated me like royalty since day one, they’ve also allowed me to play for a pro team without making me switch off my cookies and milk diet. We have managed to take home a pro division championship, and I can’t really put into words how proud I am to be apart of a team of true work horses who really engulf the whole team, passion, sacrifice, and no quit mentality.