Stephen Campbell

Steve is a well known player and designer in the hockey industry.  Soup loves his hockey and his In-n-Out.  Last West Coast Narch I asked Steve to join an odd mix of young and old players on our RV Pro Team.  In what was best described by Ian Rezac as “Roller Hockey’s version of a Money Ball Team” we found ourselves in the Final and just fell short of winning it all.  I remember the locker room right after we lost the final… Obviously no one was satisfied with second place, but a few of the young guys realized they could play at the level and Steve realized he was still an elite player as well.  When it came time to put together our Pro Roster for this summer I wanted Steve to be a part of it.  You see, as you get older in this sport the young guns come up with speed and skill, but most of them don’t understand how to play the game like the vets.  I am looking forward to Soup once again proving he is a Pro that can be a big part of a winning team.   


6’1 and 1/2  225 soaking wet

Right Handed

Forward? D?


If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

­ A lobster, because what if we were all born with claws instead of hands?
The one teammate you know not to f*ck with:

Tom for sure, because any one named Tom scares me.

What inline hockey player did you look up to growing up?

Ive got 2 answers here.  Allen Cook, and Tsvo91 because of a video I saw of him on

Number and why you chose it:

17 because Dustin Penner wore #17 the year he lifted the cup with the Ducks. He played like an absolute warrior and he is super sweet.

Favorite song:

­ Dead or Alive ­ you spin me right round (likea record)

Best inline hockey memory:

­ I have been lucky enough to say I have countless amazing memories with the sport, I think the one that sticks out the most is winning the World Games Gold Medal in Cali, Colombia, which just
so happened to have fallen on my birthday.

Who is the most underrated player in the game?

Parker Conant

Guilty pleasure tv show:

Naked and afraid

Best hockey advice you have ever received:

To move or not to move to Italy to play pro hockey for a full year. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

High glove or low blocker?

High glove all day. If I ever tried to shoot low blocker I’d prob trip and fall 

Celebrity crush?
Sloan from Entourage. Sweet JESUS

What has your experience playing for RV been like?

­ One things for sure the team has more heart than I could have ever imagined. Playing on a team with so much effort and the will to win games especially the close ones, makes us a dangerous squad.