Tristán Gonzalez

Tristan got the call up from our Men’s Platinum team for last years Narch West Coast Finals Pro Division.  It didn’t go quite as planned for him, but he gained some experience while leading the team in penalty minutes.  We had a combo team with another company at this years Winter nationals and Tristan showed he was ready to play at the level.  Hard working and eager to prove he belongs with our group we are looking forward to seeing him show the hockey world his skill set this summer.


We asked our Pro’s to answer a few questions so you could get to know them a little better.  Enjoy…

5’9″ 180lbs
Left handed


If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Koala. Sleep.

What setup do you use for the Flex wheels?

Grip, grip, firm, firm
The one teammate you know not to f*ck with…
Darby. He’s a head-case

What inline hockey player did you look up to growing up?
Mike Ciolli. Never saw him play, but his wife taught my math class when I was little and gave me free gear. Only pro I’d ever heard of.

Number and why you chose it…
21-Peter Forsberg

Favorite song?
Birthday Song – 2 Chainz

Best inline hockey memory?
Winning Pro at Winternats this year.  First pro championship.

Weirdest instruction a coach has ever given you:
“Take him, he sucks” -Tyler Svoboda

Guilty pleasure tv show…
New Girl

Best hockey advice you have ever received…
Never stop being a student of the game

High glove or low blocker?
Glove. I’m fancy.

Celebrity crush?
Tina Fey

What has been your experience playing for Revision?
“RV has been nothing but supportive and giving in the years I’ve been fortunate enough to play for them. A year before, I was playing Men’s Silver at Finals. Within a year of coaching and playing for the Revision program, I was given the tools and opportunity to play at the Pro level and I could not be more grateful.”