After designing and developing wheels for years and recently adding roller hockey specific bearings we now complete our Below the Boot Performance offering by adding our all new custom Magnesium roller hockey chassis. Available in two wheels setups (a pitched 80-80-76-76 and a flat 80-80-80-80) and two colors (Black and White) this frame converts any ice skate boot into a roller hockey beast or upgrades your current roller skates to get even better.

These frames were developed from the ground up to be absolute performance machines. The construction was designed in such a way you as a skater maximize the energy transfer from the boot to the wheel axles. The patterns of the ‘cut outs’, the parts where we CNCed the material of the one piece Mag extrusion profile, are carefully positioned so that the energy can flow from the mounting plates (the part of the chassis that is mounted to your boot) to the wheel axle (the part where the energy is transferred to the wheel).

The clean aesthetics (all black or all white) can be fully customized by you. You pick the branding (our classic Icon logo or our new Word logo) and you can pick your own 4 characters (like initials and numbers), which both will be permanently etched into the paint. We use a single side axle system, where the axle head locks into the chassis so you only need one wrench. The flat head is on the outside of the chassis where you block shots, so that the vulnerable side is more protected.

This chassis is extremely light (~120 grams) but incredibly stiff. This keeps energy loss at a minimum, allowing you to be faster and have more control in cornering. Our flat 80-80-80-80 model can also be used with smaller wheels for a goalie setup. Smaller wheels will get you down to the floor, our cut-outs allow you the get your straps fastened without touching your wheels.

Sizing: this chassis fits skate sizes US7 to US11 (comparable to a size ‘medium’ in other brands. Please fit your frames before actual mounting, so you can return them no questions asked within 14 days without any damage.

Delivery: as these frames are fully customized, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. As we are rolling out fulfillment options, the frames are currently priced including shipping for the US, but excluding shipping for all other countries. Please contact us to get a shipping quote.

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240mm (80-80-76-76), 246mm (80-80-80-80)


Black, White